A high-quality mixed-use development in a landscaped garden setting


Our proposal is to create a new vibrant destination in Hayes that will deliver new homes, employment opportunities, community facilities and four hectares of landscaped open space.

We will do this in a way that is sensitive to the setting and neighbouring area, and ensure that the surrounding community benefit from this major regeneration project.

We want to create a great place for people to live, work and enjoy. A place that the community in Hayes will be proud of. A place that the community can be part of.

A great place to live and enjoy

The former Nestlé Factory will become a great place to live, work and enjoy.

We will deliver:

  • Around 1,381 high-quality new homes, with a provision for affordable housing
  • Up to 22,663 sqm of commercial warehousing space
  • 2,743 sqm of community space e.g. potential nursery, canoe club store, gym, etc
  • Heritage based design, in order to enhance the conservation area
  • Legacy strategy will reflect the history of the site
  • Four hectares of publicly accessible green landscaped space (over 35% of the site)
  • Creation of public park and a generous linear park down to the canal
  • Active family-orientated play spaces
  • New access to the canal
  • Opening the site to the community

A great place to work

We will deliver:

  • 22,663 sqm of modern, sustainable industrial space
  • High-quality commercial space to complement residential urban design
  • Up to 400 full time jobs created by the prospective end user
  • Over 700 construction jobs (on site)
  • Over 1000 indirect supported jobs
  • A dedicated skills and training programme being developed to ensure Londoners benefit from the jobs created

Next steps

We would like to thank all those who have participated in our consultation on the proposals over the last 12 months. A planning application was submitted to the London Borough of Hillingdon in May 2017, who will now formally consult with the local community on the proposals.

If you would to be kept updated on the progress, please visit our website or contact us on the details below.

Phone: 0800 170 7270

Email: info@formernestlefactory.co.uk